The signing ceremony of Qidong International School Affiliated to Qidong Normal University was held in Pudong

Release time:2020-04-24

On April 20, Qidong municipal government held a 2020 Qidong (Shanghai Pudong) Industrial Development Cooperation Symposium in Shanghai. Actively exploring and accelerating the integration of education in the Yangtze River Delta has become a highlight of this symposium. At the symposium, Qidong municipal government, East China Normal University and Dehui Group signed an official contract for the establishment of Qidong International School Affiliated to East China Normal University. Wang Xiaobin, Secretary of Qidong Municipal Committee, GE Zhijuan, deputy secretary and mayor of Qidong City, Yang Wanping, member of standing committee and executive vice mayor of Qidong City, Shi Guanghui, member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of lvsigang Economic Development Zone, Dai Liyi, vice president of East China Normal University, Feng Jianfeng, deputy director of education group of Huashi Normal University, Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui group, Li Yanling, Party committee and vice chairman of Dehui group, and Qian Kangcheng, vice president, Yu Yishan, general manager of Qidong Dehui Education Technology Co., Ltd., attended the conference and signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Mayor Ge Zhijuan. Yang Wanping, member of the Standing Committee of Qidong Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor of Qidong municipal government, Dai Liyi, vice president and Qian Jinnai, chairman of Qidong municipal government, East China Normal University and Dehui group, respectively, signed agreements on behalf of Qidong municipal government, East China Normal University and Dehui group. The three parties will cooperate wholeheartedly, take the opportunity of fully implementing the Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy, introduce educational brands and high-quality resources of huanormal University, and promote the integration of Qidong basic education and Shanghai Education In line with international education, we will build an international future education pilot school with innovative demonstration significance in China, and promote the development of Shanghai Stock connect integrated industry and talent training and introduction.

三方携手合作 沪上名校品牌落地启东华师大附属启东国际学校签约仪式在浦东举行

East China Normal University is a national key comprehensive research university. Relying on its advanced education concept, complete school management system and rich international cooperation resources, it has successively established a number of affiliated schools, such as the Second Affiliated Middle School of East China Normal University and the Bilingual School Affiliated to East China Normal University, all of which have become famous universities and industry benchmarks in Shanghai. Qidong international school, affiliated to China Normal University, is the first time that the brand of China Normal University has entered Nantong. It is of great significance to promote the integration of education in the Yangtze River Delta, improve the basic education level of Qidong and Nantong, and make Qidong education new business card bigger and brighter.

Dai Liyi, vice president of China Normal University, is full of expectation for Qidong international school to be characterized by sports and science and technology innovation. He hopes that the school will promote sports as a way of life, explore a new teaching mode of 7-hour study + 1-hour exercise, 7 + 1 > 8, and build an education system of morality, wisdom, body and happiness. Li Zhicong, headmaster of the Second Affiliated Middle School of China Normal University, said that the school should be built with a view to the future of Qidong, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and China's future development trend. A real international chemistry school should introduce foreign excellent courses and concepts for localization, combine Chinese and Western skills, draw on many talents, boldly absorb all outstanding achievements of human civilization, and strive to build a leading futurology School.

三方携手合作 沪上名校品牌落地启东华师大附属启东国际学校签约仪式在浦东举行
Dehui group was founded in 1985. It has developed its 35 years of professional focus on industrial ecological operation. In recent years, it has actively integrated into the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and has laid out and developed new education, culture and tourism projects in Shanghai and surrounding areas. The founding of Qidong international school with Huashi university is not only the unique feelings of chairman Qian Jinnai, but also his sincere desire to add luster to Qidong education and development. Give full play to its leading and radiating role in the field of basic education, help promote the informatization and internationalization level of Qidong basic education, and contribute to the cause of Qidong basic education.

Qidong municipal Party committee and municipal government fully support the construction and development of Qidong International School of Huashi University. They will apply for provincial key projects and strengthen all-round policy support. In order to coordinate and promote the construction of the school, a leading group composed of Qidong municipal government, Huashi university education group and Dehui group has been set up, and a joint meeting mechanism has been established to coordinate and promote the implementation of the work.

三方携手合作 沪上名校品牌落地启东华师大附属启东国际学校签约仪式在浦东举行Qidong International School Affiliated to China Normal University has a total planning area of 698 mu, including 218 mu of teaching land, 90 mu of science and Innovation Park, 120 mu of Sports Park, 90 mu of Art Park, 180 mu of Central Lake and water sports base supporting the school environment, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. The first phase will start in the near future. The school is a 15-year system with pre-school department, primary school department, junior high school department and senior high school department. Small class teaching shall be carried out, with no more than 24 students in each class and a total scale of 2500 students. Kindergartens, primary schools and junior high schools implement the dual track curriculum system to meet the diversified choices of parents. The school's supporting research and learning base also provides camps and research services for all citizens in Qidong and Nantong, international schools in the Yangtze River Delta region, and sister schools affiliated to China Normal University.

The school will adhere to the philosophy of "science and technology innovation education, physical education, informatization, internationalization" and "moral education", introduce various international advanced education resources, combine with learning and inheriting Chinese traditional culture, and combine the moral education management of college system, class system and personal tutor system, so as to develop the British college system management with the "morality, wisdom, body, beauty and labor, five education" of sinonormal University Combining the management system of moral education, making full use of Binhai's unique resources, investing 800 million yuan to build a youth modern physical education research and learning base, striving to build a "model school" for the international development of basic education, a science and technology innovation curriculum base for primary and secondary schools in the Yangtze River Delta, a demonstration base for modern healthy physical education for Chinese youth, and Nantong (Qidong) education connecting with Shanghai Education and Yangtze River Delta regional education I The "pilot school" of integration.