• In 2020, Dehui center will replace the leakage monitoring host in the central control room

    2. Project overview: 2.1 project introduction: physical examination service for employees in 2020, providing health examination service and consultation service for physical examination results for employees 2.2 scope of this bidding contract: all employees of the company 2.3 relevant technical requirements: see the technical requirements of the tender for details


    In 2020, Dehui center will replace the leakage monitoring host in the central control room

    1. Bidding project

    Replacement of electrical fire alarm system in Dehui Center

    2. Project overview:

    2.1 project location: Dehui center, Urumqi, Xinjiang;

    2.2 scope of work: replace the host, transformer and detector of the original leakage fire alarm system. The cable can use the original line. If there is any damage, replace it after testing. The cost is included in the total bid price. The transformer shall be selected according to the site conditions (clamp type transformer may be selected, but the measurement accuracy shall be ensured); the applicant shall be responsible for the supply, installation, commissioning and acceptance of the equipment, cables and line pipes of the whole system, and provide a set of leakage fire alarm system meeting the specification requirements and the use functions;

    2.3 project overview: Dehui center is equipped with a Lida Yingjie leakage monitoring host, 63 monitoring points are distributed on each floor. Since the equipment has been put into operation for 12 years, with frequent failures, and the equipment model has been shut down, no parts can be purchased for maintenance, the whole set of equipment is replaced;

    2.4 construction time: from 21:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. of the next day, construction can be carried out all day in holidays;

    2.5 construction period: completed within 60 natural days after signing the contract and accepted by relevant departments.