Qian Jinnai
Yueqing people in Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Founder of Dehui

Social position
Vice chairman of the Federation of industry and Commerce of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Executive vice president of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Shanghai
Chairman of the new Island neighborhood agency of Zhenghe Island
Vice president of China Federation of industry and Commerce agricultural industry chamber of Commerce
Executive vice president of Shanghai Enterprises Federation
Executive vice president of Shanghai qianliu Culture Research Association

Honors received

Outstanding representatives of Chinese private enterprises
The third national excellent entrepreneur
Zhejiang merchants Social Responsibility Award
Top ten figures in the development of the western region of Xinjiang
Top 10 annual figures of Wenzhou people in the world
Winner of Xinjiang medal for development and construction
Top ten figures in Xinjiang's business economy
Outstanding foreign businessmen: 30 persons in Wenzhou business during the 30 years of reform and opening up
Top ten new entrepreneurs in the western development of Zhejiang Province

Character evaluation

  • 2019



    Zhenghe Island: a fire burns 1.1 billion yuan, carries tens of thousands of families, and now he has created another 17.6 billion yuan, which has become a legend outside business

    A man-made arson pushed Dehui group to the brink of life and death, and four buildings were wiped out, with a direct economic loss of 1.1 billion yuan. At the 3000 people conference held on the fourth day after the disaster, Qian Jinnai made a promise to everyone, "the enterprise will not collapse, I will not go, I will never let a affected merchant go bankrupt, I will never let a family go on the street.". After six years, Qian Jinnai led Dehui to use 760 million yuan to help tens of thousands of families out of difficulties.

  • 2018



    China News Agency released excellent cases of social responsibility of private enterprises in China

    Happiness is not everything. Life has responsibilities. " This is the motto of Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui group. Dehui bravely takes responsibility and keeps promise and integrity, which shakes Xinjiang and moves China. In 2012, Qian Jinnai was named one of the top ten integrity model figures in China

  • 2018



    "Qian Jinnai: the key to winning in the talent war is organizational ability" by China News Agency

    The 19th annual meeting of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Yabuli, Heilongjiang Province from February 16 to 18, 2019, with the theme of: firm confidence, meet challenges - a new journey of reform and opening up. Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui group, participated in and spoke in the theme forum of "how to win the human war".

  • 2012



    Guangming Daily dare to take social responsibility

    In the face of disaster, is it to retreat or to advance? Like a difficult mathematical problem, it is placed in front of Qian Jinnai. In the face of the affected merchants, Qian Jinnai wiped his tears three times. He promised that "even if we want to smash the pot and sell the iron, we should also do a good job in the compensation work of the merchants

  • 2012



    People's daily Qian Jinnai: a good example for modern businessmen

    Faced with the loss caused by the relentless fire, he gave up bankruptcy reconstruction and completed 100% resettlement and compensation for the affected merchants within three years. He is Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui real estate group and honest businessman.